ОАО «Ивацевичдрев»ПроизводствоПроизводствоЦех смолЛаминированные древесно-стружечные плитыДревесно-стружечные плиты


OJSC “Ivatsevichdrev” is a major Belarusian manufacturer of wood particleboards. The company makes use of advanced technologies with due regard to the latest achievements in the sphere of wood panel boards production, as well as in the matter of eco sustainability and cost-effective use of resources.


Advanced technology and state-of –the-art equipment have been applied, and professional developers from Germany and other countries have been involved.


All the stages of wood particleboard and laminated particleboard manufacturing are placed under strict control. Only high-quality materials are used. All these factors ensure high performance characteristics and ecological properties of the manufactured products that meet the international standards.


OJSC “Ivatsevichdrev” produces urea- and melamine-formaldehyde adhesive and impregnating resins that are used in the manufacture of wood particleboards.


Laminated wood particleboards are used in furniture manufacturing, for finishing operations in the building industry. The décor collection is constantly renewed and covers the range of more than 50 colours.


Wood particleboard is a board material produced by method of contentious hot pressing of wood-chip mixed with an adhesive.

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Production of chipboard in Belarus

JSC "Ivatsevichdrev" - one of the largest producers in Belarus chipboard and laminated chipboard production capacity of 300,000 cubic meters per year. Production of chipboard, laminated boards, cladding materials and synthetic resins is carried out on high-tech production, equipped with the most modern equipment of leading world manufacturers ("Siempelkamp", "Vits", "RHE".)

What is CPD?

Particleboard (chipboard) - sheets obtained by the method of continuous hot pressing of wood shavings mixed with a binder.

1At the stage of formation of particulate carpet chips added synthetic resins (for improving hydrophobic and adhesive properties) and special additives which give chipboard special strength and durability.
2.Formed particleboard carpet is the process of heating and pressing at high pressure and temperature.
3.After curing and cooling chipboard is the process of grinding, where they are calibrated and polished to a final thickness dimension.


JSC "Ivatsevichdrev" implements chipboard, laminated chipboard of high quality.

Meets all sanitary requirements.
This - the timely and full satisfaction of quality products.
A wide range of high quality laminated chipboard size 2750 × 1830 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm and 38 mm. The range of over 100 decors imitating precious woods performed in five embossing: wood pores, wood pores glossy, shagreen, gloss, matte finish.
Cooperation now carried on mutually beneficial terms, with strict adherence to delivery schedules and individual approach to customers.
JSC "Ivatsevichdrev" has a reputation as a reliable partner not only in Belarus, but also in Russia and Central Asia. Chipboard Joint Stock Company in demand by leading European furniture manufacturers and construction companies.